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HELP!!  My toy stopped working / cuts out / takes many presses to work!!  

Do not fear!  A battery change will fix it right up - you will need 2 AAA batteries and a small screwdriver.  For soundboxes purchased between Nov16-Mar17 only KMART batteries will work.  A bit annoying we know but thankfully they are the cheapest you can get!  The white noise often dies well before the lullaby - this is very normal and a battery change will fix it.  The white noise uses much more power and therefore with heavy use batteries changes my be as frequent as fortnightly.  As your bub gets bigger, sleeps less frequently and changes to the lullaby you will go months without a battery change.  

If the problem persists please:

We will be able to assist you promptly! 

How do I turn the Riff Raff & Co sleep toys on / off?

To turn on - simply press a button in one of the ears - each ear will play a different track to the other.  

To turn off - hold button on ear depressed for 3 seconds.

How do Riff Raff & Co sleep toys work?

Inside both Riff and Raff's head there is a small sound box which has two wires with a button.  These wires feed up into the ears of the toys - when clicked one ear will play white noise with heart beat background, the other will play a sleepy lullaby.  These will play for 20 minutes and turn off automatically.  As the babies grow bigger (6 months+) they will restart the sound themselves when required.  

Why has my white noise / heartbeat stopped working?

When this side stops working it simply means it is time to change the batteries although the lullaby may continue to play.  For heavy use at each nap and over night you may need to change the batteries each 2-3 weeks.  

How do I charge the toy?

Riff & Raff are powered by 2 AAA batteries.  These will need changing occasionally depending on your usage and can be accessed via the zip at the back of the head.  Like all toys with batteries you will need a small screw driver to access the batteries.  Certain 'fancy' batteries occasionally do not work with these toys - we suggest to have some cheapies on hand for battery changes - Kmart, Aldi and supermarket brand batteries all work well.  For toys received between Nov16-Mar17 only KMART batteries will work so we recommend to stock up $5 for 24 batteries.  

How do I wash the toy?

You can spot clean at any time but should the toys need a good wash please remember to remove the sound box!  The sound box is not waterproof and will not survive being washed.   With the soundbox out we recommend hand washing in cold or warm water.  Please ensure the toy is dried thoroughly before replacing the sound box.

Is the sound box hard to remove / replace?

The sound box can be a little tricky to remove and replace so it is recommended that you remove only when required for battery replacement and washing.  It is a very snug fit to ensure the sound box does not shake within the head.  To replace see directions below:

  1. Place one button up in each the ear as far as you can - if some of the stuffing has moved from washing I suggest you make a little tunnel with your fingers up as far as you can into the ears and then slide the buttons in.
  2. Without removing the buttons from ears slide the sound box into the cavity
  3. The sound box in the head helps hold the buttons in place within the ear
  4. Pull the zip down into place

Please note - to create this toy so that it has sound keys that a baby can trigger as well as being washable was no easy task!  And as such sometimes the keys may slip down out of the ears.  The trick after insertion back into the ear pockets is to make sure that the reinforced section of the wire is sitting right up against the sound box - this can require some manipulation once it is zipped up - don't worry you wont hurt it! 

Can I purchase replacement parts?

Replacement parts are available for existing customers only.  


Where are the toys designed and made?

Riff Raff & Co toys have been designed by me, Emma, here in Melbourne and refined through many samples as well as vigorous testing and feedback of other mumma friends.  There is very limited plush toy manufactoring in Australia so we sought out companies overseas to fulfil our order and ended up selecting two very well established companies based in China.  




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