Riff Raff & Co


Parenting is hard.  The trials and tribulations of new parenthood is so hard.  The feeding, the long days, the longer nights, the sleeping (or lack of)...  

I have wanted to have my own business or 'do my own thing' for as long as I can remember but I always knew I wanted to truly care about the business I was involved in.  

Whilst unpacking the kids suitcase from a trip to Bali in June 2015 it just dawned on me. The sleep toy that my children both loved so much, the one I swore by from day one that helped produce my great sleeping kids - there was a few problems with it.  

1.  They were taking up so much room.  Whilst they relied on the toys to go to sleep these toys were quite big and did not double as a comforter so we were also required to take along two other 'teddies'.

2.  They were filthy.  Being white originally and at this stage 3 years old they were looking worse for wear.  In their short lifetime they had encountered vomit and dragged on numerous trips through airports and there is only so much spot cleaning will do.  

From that instant, in the pursuit of designing the perfect sleep toy, Riff & Raff were born .  A toy that can be loved, washed and provide parents with a tool that they can use to get a little bit more of that elusive sleep.







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